Welcome to the Upper Palatinate

You want to know more about the Upper Palatinate region located in the heart of Bavaria? Maybe, you’re even considering, moving to good ol’ Oberpfalz? Then search no further, you’ve come to the perfect place: We are here for you. We have the infos you need.

The Upper Palatinate in 100 seconds

On our website you will find tips, advice and infos about the history, the people and the culture of the Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz) region. Basically anything you need to know, to make yourself at home and most of all, feel at home in this area. Admittedly, our content for English Speakers is still in the making. But we are working on it. We promise.

For starters we want to explain to you, what this region is all about. Of course, we could show you thousands of stunnig photographs featuring the fantastic and soaring landscape of the Upper Palatinate, one more beautiful than the other, or present you portfolios of our economically thriving and innovative citys, that haven’t lost their medieval charms. But we won’t. Because you can find those on our instagram profile.

All we need is words, a good animation and 100 seconds of your time to get you ready for the Oberpfalz.

So, turn up the volume and enjoy „The Upper Palatinate in 100 seconds“.